Case study

Gardener: carrying out some maintenance
Our client, T, a gardener was carrying out some maintenance and building work in the garden of one of his clients on 20 January, 2004. His workman accidentally damaged a well pipe that filters water, while trying to cut a small trench with the Bobcat. The pipe had to be replaced. Part of this was laid beneath the patio. It seemed that part of the patio would have to be taken up. EVD gave the customer its agreement straightaway to carry out urgent repairs. EVD went on site and negotiated directly with the contractor carrying out the repairs. The damage was limited (the workman had reacted quickly and stopped his machine as soon as "he felt something”), and the repairs were not going to amount to more than €750. EVD gave its agreement straightaway and paid the contractor as soon as it received their invoice. The file was closed on 18 February and payment was made to the contractor on 15 March.

Haulage firms: victim of fraud

Autumn 2002. Our client H, a haulage firm had suffered a series of accidents for which it was held responsible. The insurer reached the stage where it wanted to cancel our client’s policy because of the poor statistics. EVD knew the client well and asked for some time to examine the various accidents in more detail. Tying together the places, hours and type of accident, we found that the third parties were all living in the same area and that the accidents all took place in the morning. Together with our client, we concluded that this could only be explained by the same the driver being in the same place at the same time. The haulage firm, having carried out a small internal investigation very quickly established that the third parties were all “known” to the driver. We forwarded our conclusions to the company. They, having brought a case for insurance fraud against the driver, reconsidered their position and did not cancel our client’s insurance policy. The driver was dismissed. Thanks to our invention, Mr H remains insured at competitive rates but has also identified an element that could have jeopardised his business.

Fire: drama on a Sunday morning

16 February 2003, Sunday morning. Mr M. was quietly reading a book in his lounge when he smelt smoke. He was alarmed and looked for where the smell could be coming from. When he opened a door from where smoke was already coming on the first floor, he was bombarded by flames. He did not stop to think. His mother, who was 81, was in the bathroom. He ran to find her because she was hard of hearing. He only had time to wrap her in a towel and run out of the house. He was overcome with fear but he did call the fire brigade. Smoke was coming out the house and you could already see the flames. But it was Sunday and the village, where the incident was taking place, did not have a professional fire service. Brave volunteers had to be called upon to come and put out what had become a fire. 
drama on a Sunday morning In the meantime, Mr M. called EVD. Our 24/7 service went into action. Within 5 minutes the operator had contacted the management at EDV on their mobiles. The claims manager was reached on the ski slopes in the Alps. The client was contacted straightaway and reassured: “Do I have sufficient insurance cover?” What am I going to do?” “Where am I going to sleep tonight?” “What assessor?” and so on. It was agreed that EVD would go on site the following day. The fire brigade had arrived, but the house had fallen victim to the flames: everything was destroyed by the fire. For client’s mother, it was part of herself that had gone, as with the bricks were also memories; the things that made up her entire universe that had disappeared. At the end of the day the fire was extinguished and a start was made to assess the extent of the damage.




drama on a Sunday morning Mr M. and his mother were taken in by their family. They were able to sleep a little. The following day EVD was on site with an assessor, who had already been contacted the night before (we have private contacts with assessors for emergency situations).

It was possible to make a start with the technical work. We kept in close contact with the victim. Various surveys, analyses and architectural work were carried out. The assessors found the cause of the fire to be a fault in a tumble drier. Action against the manufacture of the drier seemed possible. However, this would have delayed completion of the survey and therefore release of the initial funds to start the renovation work. After a final survey the EVD assessor demanded that the file be closed for the client, as the compensation procedure had to be carried out without making a victim of the client. Compensation was paid out during the course of the work: an unconditional down-payment of €50,000 starting in April. Mr M. was back in his home by 5 May 2004. The accident had cost €429,732, excluding professional fees. No compensation was withheld because of possible insufficient insurance cover. EVD had estimated the insurance value of the house well; that's its job
Car insurance: I was too old!

In May 2004 Mr C. contacted us on the advice of his daughter, a client of EVD for several years. The reason was that Mr C. had had his car insurance policy cancelled by a large national direct insurer. The reason: Mr C. was 77 and had just had two accidents for which he was held “responsible”. Mr C. tried desperately to convince insurer, E. To his mind, there was no shortage of arguments: he had been a customer for more than 20 years; all his other insurance policies were with E: fire, life insurance, private and professional indemnity cover. Nothing could be done. The axe fell and Mr C. had to find a solution in 30 days, which had already elapsed since he had received the letter from the company. Then Mr C. came upon EVD. The accidents that the client had had were examined: temporary stress was the main cause of both accidents. The pay-out from the two combined did not come to more than €1,500. We proposed that the client paid the doctor a “little” visit, and presented the risk to a large insurance company, company A. Only personal indemnity cover was required, costing €500. Mr M. was happy to have found EVD who had resolved his problem, and at the same time, made him mobile again. Mr C. was in perfect health! Do we have to stress that it was the client who proposed changing his other insurance policies? Expertise in the field; it is also a case of dealing with these "small" cases. It is also a case of assuming your social role in society.
Insurance file: EVD brings things into order

September 2005, Mr B. took out a complementary private pension plan for the self-employed with company, G through a salaried door-to-door salesman. The policy was for the maximum legal cover of more than €2,400. Mr B. heard about EVD at the end of September. He wanted to bring some order to his private affairs and those of his business. Apart from the professional indemnity cover that was excessive with respect to the risk, with an annual premium of €1,250 that we reduced to €595, simply by having a better knowledge of the risk, EVD took a look at the complementary private pension plan. To have a better understanding of the tax incentives for a pension plan, it is important to have two pieces of information: the total of social security contributions that the prospective client pays each year, and, where appropriate, the reference income on which these are calculated. In the case of Mr B. these two elements would allow a pension for €789 p.a. Mr B. was very surprised, as the representative from the company NEVER asked him these two simple questions! Today the client feels cheated, and he had been - for more than €1,600! EVD tried to intervene with company, G to cancel the policy, and at the same time, recover the premium that had been paid. We were not successful, but we are not afraid of making a complaint to the industry’s watchdog. To be continued….
I’m off to Russia - tomorrow!

September 2005, Mr F. a Swedish client who travels a great deal but who is also absent-minded, asked us to help him with his policy. He needed a certificate of insurance to obtain a visa for Russia the following day. A quick look at the file allowed us to inform him that he already had an all-inclusive policy. The client carried on to discuss other matters. In the meantime, the technical department at EVD contacted the representative. Ten minutes after the client’s request, the door of the office opened, "Here's your certificate for Russia, Mr F." Perfect!