Our specialities

EVD is a specialist in the following business sectors:

FNDLK : Federation of licensed physiotherapists

  • Professional indemnity insurance cover from €85 per annum, inclusive of all taxes
  • Group income protection cover with the best price to quality ratio in the market


CEJB : Confederation of Belgian gardeners

  • Professional indemnity cover for businesses, offering conditions that are unique to the market
  • Insurance against accidents at work at the lowest rates in the market (to our knowledge they are lowest)
  • Exceptional package of conditions
  • Special “green” rates for vehicles for public liability and all industry sectors


GIE : UB Team

  •  Economic Interest Group: UB Team
  • Various brokers across Belgium are brought together to serve various professional associations
  • Pricing based on business sector with tailored packages
  • Various types of professional indemnity cover specific to your particular business sector
  • Comprehensive accident cover linked to your sphere of activity
  • Very attractive leasing options

Haulage firms :

  • Specific program of analysis and driver vetting
  • Active prevention
  • Very competitive rates; to our knowledge, the lowest in the market
  • Programme for more effective fuel consumption


Taxis :

  • Specific program of analysis and driver vetting, unique on the market
  • Active prevention
  • Very competitive rates
  • Presence in institutions
  • Recognised by the professions, institutions and government organisations



  • For amateur clubs
  • Exceptional accident cover from €8.7 per player, per season


UFB: Union of florists, Belgium

  • Special program "flower"
  • Insurance terms that cater for your sector and the time of year